My experience with organic food

As background info, I must confess to being quite unhealthy in my previous life (by which I mean my single years). When I was an investment banker in New York, I regularly ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk or in a conference room. My guess is that take-away Italian (how many times can you eat spinach and ricotta ravioli in a week? As it turns out, alot!) and Mexican aren’t the healthiest alternatives. 

But I got my act together somewhat upon moving to London and eventually left Finance. I must say though that I really started considering my health more when Sophia arrived in 2006. I wanted to set a good example of what you should eat and also, on a more practical level, have enough energy to play with her! Of course, as it turns out, she inherited my sweet tooth but broccoli, carrots, fish and chicken are all part of her diet too.

Anyway, as much as I love Waitrose, I discovered an easier alternative to fresh produce in the form of Abel and Cole. Organic food delivery. Organic vegetable boxes, fruit, meat & more – Abel & Cole Those of you who live in London may recognize their bright yellow delivery vans but if you’re not familiar, they’re like a Whole Foods on wheels. The best part is that they offer customizable fruit and vegetable boxes so you can choose the best option for your family’s size and appetite. Plus, they offer fairtrade foods such as chocolate and always sell only in-season veg grown (mostly) by UK farmers so no air freight! 

For me, it’s been like an education in food though which is the reason for writing this post. Previously, I’d never heard of Romanseco (a prized type of cauliflower), Kaki (Sharon fruits – very sweet), purple sprouting broccoli (Sophia’s favorite) or kale (lots of vitamins in those leafy greens!). In my experience, when in doubt of what to do with a vegetable, just roast it or saute in a little garlic and oil. You can’t go wrong! The nice people there also include recipe cards with each order as I’m sure there are alot of people like me who wonder how to cook brussel sprouts correctly. Even if you don’t (or can’t) order from them, I encourage you to check out the recipe section of their website especially for catalan couscous and Jerusalem artichoke salad – my favorites! Recipes. Organic & seasonal recipes – Abel & Cole    

Happy eating!

A fruit and veg box from Abel and Cole

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