My Adult-Only Saturday

Once in awhile, Moms need a break. While this may be an obvious statement, it’s easier said than done. For instance, during the school day, the temptation to do errands, deal with the overflowing laundry basket and finish the rest of my to-do list always wins out. It’s this Jersey Mom’s version of GTL – that’s gym, tan, laundry in “Jersey Shore” speak. So when the opportunity came to spend the afternoon with my friend at a bra fitting / presentation followed by tea at the Sanderson Hotel, I said yes before asking my husband if he could watch Sophia (“No” wasn’t an option!)

The bra fitting took place at luxury brand Chantelle’s beautiful showroom which isn’t normally open to the public. The UK’s managing director gave a short presentation which was fine but the most beneficial aspect was definitely the fitting itself. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t had a fitting in ages – ok never – so obviously I was one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong size! I won’t tell you the gory details but suffice to say that my husband was happy with the outcome despite the £45 spent on a new black t-shirt bra  (bras are considered a necessity though right?) In my defense, I wasn’t alone in being surprised so I highly recommend a professional fitting to the ladies out there, especially if you’ve had a child because that evidently changes more than just your sleep patterns.

After this revelation, our group headed over to the 5 star Sanderson Hotel for an amazing afternoon tea. Although unimposing from the outside, the Philippe Starck interior with its Dali-esque design is well worth a visit. 5 Star Luxury Hotel London, Boutique Hotels in London | Sanderson Hotel London. But we were soon whisked away into a private room where the real treat of the day awaited! I’m pretty sure Sophia would’ve loved the Mad Hatter themed tea but at £25 per person (£30 for groups of 10+), it’s better suited for an adult. The impressive display pictured below includes the traditional scones, jam and clotted cream but also colorful finger sandwiches, (the best I’ve ever eaten – I’m not usually a big fan) an Eat Me pink sponge cake and a Drink Me smoothie served with a straw. There are even lollipops that turn your mouth hot then cold – tea at the Ritz this isn’t! Even if you’re not really into tea time, I still recommend going to a posh hotel in London just for the experience alone.

Through the looking glass...from the Sanderson Hotel website

In any event, after more than 7 hours away from home, I found the house still standing and tired but otherwise undaunted husband and child. So, the moral of the story is that the earth won’t stop spinning if you take some time away for yourselves Moms :)

p.s. Antonio and I then went to see The King’s Speech to finish a long but fun day. If  you see one movie for the rest of the year, make it this one – Colin Firth is amazing!

My Bucket List

The inspiration for this blog came from “50 things everyone must do (at least) once in a lifetime” which I just dug out from the bottom of a long-forgotten drawer.

Some are totally ridiculous like No. 46 “Poo in the bath” (my daughter did this when she was a baby – does that count?), not applicable like No. 45 “Fly on Concorde” (which I was lucky enough to do), or just not happening like No. 6 “Hold a tarantula” (really?!). In any event, I’ve decided to compose my own list starting with 10 although I reserve the right to edit the post as I think of other things!

1) Attend the Super Bowl. Hopefully this will coincide with the Giants being a participant but I’d settle for any match-up actually.

2) See the Northern Lights. Is it possible to do this without freezing my butt off?

3) Roadtrip across the USA. The closest I’ve come is the beautiful drive (highly recommended) up the California coast but it would be cool to see some states that I’ve never been to.

4) Own a Chanel purse and wear it with jeans and my favorite Converse high tops!

5) Visit Australia and New Zealand. Koalas, kangeroos, beaches – what else could you want in a destination? Maybe a shorter flight!

6) Foster a guide dog puppy. Our rented house has a no-pet policy but I’d love to help this charity out in the future. Guide Dogs home.

7) Go to the Download Festival. This is the UK’s largest gathering of metalheads. For those of you new to my blog, I wrote about my odd musical taste in the post “Strange but True”.

AC/DC's set courtesy of Download's official site

8 Own a valuable, museum-worthy painting . Turner? Chagall? Keep dreaming maybe :)

9) Spend a weekend at a fancy spa. This one’s self-explanatory!

10) Run my own business. After years spent working for other people, I think it’s best to be my own boss!


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